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PCA Graduate Show 2018 – Illustration & Game Arts

This afternoon I went to visit the PCA Graduate Show 2018.  I only had a chance to visit the Game Arts and Illustration exhibitions, but I plan to go again tomorrow (the last day!).  I’ll try to post about the full exhibition later, but for now, below are some of my favourite pieces that I’ve seen so far.

Game Arts


On the Brink – The Reawakening by Holly Andreu

02-2018-06-20 at 20.20.01.png

Rush Hour Apocalypse by Emmett Ford


Underwater Aliens by Nathan Coutanche


Ziva’s Journey by Stina Teesaar



Adam Endacott


Lisa Vella


Danielle Cormack


Freya Lovell


George Goodwin


Olivia Wright


Harley Jones

The last day for the show is tomorrow, Thursday 21st June, and the campus is open from 10am – 6pm.  Get down to the Tavistock Place PCA campus quickly if you want to check it out!



Professional Work

My bag design for The Art Side, Plymouth

Last year in November, I won a design competition for an art shop in Plymouth, The Art Side.

Tote Bag Design Competition winner
My winning design for the competition

I was told that my design would be printed on bags that would be on sale in the shop.  They have now been printed and are in stock!

Me, posing with one of the new bags!

It’s really exciting knowing that people are walking around holding something that I have designed (as well as wearing my badges)! The chance to create a design for a local company has been an immensely awesome experience, and the fact that an arts shop liked my design best out of all the entries is really flattering.

Close up of the bag

The bags are printed on both sides, and are pretty strong, even though they’re made of plastic.  I hope that at some point they’ll print my design on a reusable cotton tote bag.

You can read about my design process here.

College Work

Viewing of the Pre-degree first year’s work

Today me and my colleagues at Plymouth College of Art Pre-Degree will be putting on a show with our final project work for our first year. It’s open from 4pm to 6pm, and all are welcome. Spread the word, come down to the Palace Court centre and have a look 🙂


20180602_145556(1) copy 3
One of my work in progress pieces, which has been finished now!


Plymouth College of Art – Pre-Degree Campus

Palace Court
Buckwell Street

Time: 4pm-6pm





Events and Exhibitions

Ancient Scent: Ireland

Today I went to St. Saviours’ Hall on the Barbican for an exhibition by Ancient Scent, a group of artists who take residencies in different places.  Their project Ancient Scent: Ireland was a residency “inspired by the spirit of Ithell Colquhoun’s own journey to Ireland, recorded in her psychogeographical memoir”.  During this project, Ancient Scent spent a week in Ascendancy House in Ballycumber, and visiting sites such as Durrow Abbey, Clonmacnoise, and Leap Castle.  The work in the exhibition was made after their return in April 2017, and created during group art workshops.


The OTT cult’s (founded by Lally MacBeth) fashionable knitwear


Ceramic bowl and knife and fork set
Donation box, a book of stories, and zines made for the exhibition
Big ceramic bowl



A few my favourites from the collection of ceramic pieces made by Ancient Scent!
Collaborative ceramic pieces
Andrew Sneyd/Lyn Andrewes – Interaction Between 3 Elements – Oil painting
Lyn Andrewes – The Wells of Leamonaghan Parish, The Dark Well – Mosaic
Collaborative pottery – inspired by the “banquets” Ancient Scent had during their residency!
Postcards of Phebe Placement’s artwork
“Sad Spaniel Bird” – Weird and creepy!
An OTT wall decoration
Altar Slab – I love how mysterious and witchy it looks!
Drawings made by rubbing charcoal on paper and then making “her ancestors” from the shapes
A huge collage painting
Two cute characters made using Rorschach print methods
A small sculpture trapped in glass
“Everything gets Embroidered”
Two of three creepy clown-like sculptures – Where did the last one go..?
 Loads of small ceramic pots made for holding different sorts of things
Phoebe Placement – Drawing (or a print?) on silk
Close up of Penny MacBeth’s Eiru Beneath the Sea of Green on a lightbox
Penny MacBeth – Head of Lugh II – Seems almost angelic!
A print of one of Phoebe Placement’s pieces

The artistic styles and the mediums which Ancient Scent use are really diverse, from photography, to pottery and ceramics, all the way to creating an imaginary cult.  The individual artists within the collective inspire each other’s work, so the exhibition isn’t just a lot of different objects on the same theme, but feels more like a full fusion of all of the artists’ skills and ideas.  Walking around and looking at the pieces was like wandering through a folktale, serene and magical at times then creepy and menacing at others.  I’ve never been to an exhibition quite like this before, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of Ancient Scent’s work.

Events and Exhibitions, Professional Work

TEX Comics – my new zine!



I have made my Tate Exchange 2018 comic strips project into a new zine – TEX Comics!  I will be releasing it at Counter Art Book Fair this Saturday 17th March at Ocean Studios, Plymouth.  The fair is open from 12-6pm and is free and open to all so come along!

Personal Work

Midnakit’s posts from 2017

This is a masterpost of all my posts here in 2017!

January 2017

Block printing cotton bags – with my Plymouth Pilgrims linocut

The Science and Technology Showcase at Plymouth University

Global Game Jam 2017 – making ‘Quake Rescue

February 2017

Talk from Jack Gill at Central Library – listening to Jack from SoGoodStudios

EpicMakeTime with MESH – working on the Shrimp

Titanic Exhibition – at the Duke of Cornwall, and the plaques on Millbay Pier

Anatomy for Figure Drawing & Comics – working on an Udemy course

100 Ways To (be) Home Ed – a post I wrote for the #100waystohomeed bloghop about what it is like to be home educated

March 2017

My Gallery – I added a Gallery page, which really needs updating now!

The House of Marbles – in Bovey Tracey

NatSatClub Devon Dialect Project – illustrating “zart”

April 2017

The Art of Truth In The Digital Age – week 1 of ‘Home Grown’ at Ocean Studios

Emerging Natural Beauty exhibition at Ocean Studios – week 2 of ‘Home Grown’

Radius: 50mi at Ocean Studios – week 3 of ‘Home Grown’

May 2017

Here and Now Exhibition – week 4 of ‘Home Grown’ at Ocean Studios

Plymouth University Illustration Years One and Two Shpw at RWY

Uptown Junk at Studio 102

June 2017

Land/Sea Exhibition – at Plymouth Arts Centre

Game Arts at PCA Summer Show #BreakingThrough17

Animation at PCA Summer Show #BreakingThrough17

Illustration at PCA Summer Show #BreakingThrough17

About Zine Workshops and Gurt Noodle – video of Gurt Noodle #0 originals, and some minizines and flyers

July 2017

Bratpop gig poster design – my design for a poster for a gig I played

YEA Plymouth – introducing the YEA Plymouth project

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 1

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 2

July Zine Workshop

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 3

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 4

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 5

August 2017

Graphic Communication with Typography at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017

September 2017

NatSatClub Summer Show 2017 – visiting Somerset House to see my work alongside other young artists! Glass houses, beach glass jewellery, and collaborative work with Barnaby Barford

My new flyer for the next Zine Workshop – also starting college and my Kitwatch design!

Plymouth Art Weekender #PAW17 – my YEA ’17 cover and info about PAW

Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 – Day 1 – We The People Are The Work at Peninsula Arts, PCA, PAC, the Council House, and Karst

Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 – Day 2 – Tabling with YEA Plymouth at the Athenaeum and distributing our zine YEA ’17!  Also making an art book with Muster Press.

Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 – Day 3 – Papier mache and monoprinting workshops and exhibitions at Ocean Studios, Inkblot workshops and the exhibitions at PSCA, the Union Street Party, the Athenaeum, Studio 102, and PAC.

October 2017

Happy Inktober 2017! – the prompt list

I.Am.Not.A.Robot – at Radiant Gallery

We The People at PAC – update!

My latest poster design, for my October Zine Workshop

November 2017

Workshop poster designs – my first two pattern designs and posters for the YEA/PAC workshop project

Poster for Creative Writing Workshop

Pattern design – a post about how my pattern design process for the first three YEA/PAC workshop posters

I won a Design Competition! – my design for the Art Side tote bags

December 2017

Events this week! – my badges and zines in photos

Illuminate 2017 and a Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl workshop – at Ocean Studios

Tiny Mart – my table and day at Tiny Mart maker/seller Xmas Fair

Give Up Your Day Job – my table and day at the Give Up Your Day Job DIY art fair


That’s it!




Personal Work

Midnakit’s posts from 2016

I have been keeping this blog since June 2016!!  Hoo boy!  I have been thinking for a while about making a masterpost of links to all my posts so far, so here are the first six months!

June 2016

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July 2016

Today’s Sketch (2 July) – Kyary

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Digital Futures & Dataplay – Plymouth Cubed watercolour

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Today’s Sketch (10 July) – “Berry” original character

Keys to Drawing Chapter 2

My PlymouthCubed art inside PlymouthCubed!

Sketches from the past fortnight.. – Bigbury beach and fan art (My Hero Academia, Colour Catchers (Alice Kensington), One Punch Man, Gutsie (Ghoulkiss), Attack on Titan, Undertale, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time

Art Cards (24 July) – original characters

Plymouth Young Contemporary Open

August 2016

New things! – some new things I had got

Recent sketches and activity – original characters and Kaguya

September 2016

Daily sketch – Kitchen

Comic strips and my zine – Monster Hunter and Journey comic ideas, writing about MACS Issue 1 (2014)

Young Arts Club at Plymouth College of Art – screenprinting, sewing, KitBIT fashion designs, animation, plaster and wire sculpture, seahorse t shirt design, millinery, self portrait

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 1 – including Dog Show at Radiant Gallery

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 2, Part 1 – including PCA and Plymouth University

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 2, Part 1 – including Prime Cafe Bar and PCA

Plymouth Art Weekender Day 2, Part 3! – at Ocean Studios

October 2016

Plymouth Art Weekender Day 3 – including Union Street Party and Royal William Yard

Games for Better Game Jam – Infection!

November 2016

On Shaky Ground at At-Bristol

Plymouth Cubed Talk at Central Library

Inktober 2016 – all my Inktober 2016 sketches and original characters

National Saturday Club Part 1 – self portraits, figure sketching

December 2016

NA&DSC London Trip – original characters, Quicksilver and Thor, visiting Central Saint Martins and the Tate Britain

Glass Fusing Workshop – Zelda fairies and other things I made by fusing glass