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Colouring page: Wednesday 13th May


This week’s colouring page is a bit later than previous pages, but it is now completed and ready for colouring in! This is a unicorn, requested by Isla, which I found to be quite challenging to draw in comparison to some previous pages, however it was still fun to draw (and I’ve had the Last Unicorn theme stuck in my head for most of the day now..)

Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (print) version

PNG (digital) version

Please send me any requests you have for a free colouring page through my contact page or to my Instagram (@midnakit), but remember that I can’t draw any licensed content!

Professional Work

Colouring page: Saturday 9th May


This weekend’s colouring page was requested by Ayda, who asked for a fairy garden! I chose to draw a tiny fairy tending to her flowers – I’ve been drawing lots of different flowers for these colouring pages, which has been good practice!

Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (print) version

PNG (digital) version

Please send me any requests you have for a free colouring page through my contact page or to my Instagram (@midnakit), but remember that I can’t draw any licensed content!


Professional Work

Colouring page: Monday 4th May


Today I decided to go with something fairly simple and created my own robot inspired by 50’s robots and C3PO from Star Wars, as it’s May the 4th!

Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (print) version

PNG (digital) version

Please send me any requests you have through my contact page or to my Instagram (@midnakit), but please remember that I can’t draw any licensed content!

Professional Work

Colouring page: Saturday 2nd May


I had to delay making the colouring page for 2nd May as it was my brother’s birthday, but it’s now complete and ready for colouring! This was requested by Noah, who asked for a dinosaur – I chose to draw a Velociraptor, and though this one definitely took a lot longer to make than some of the previous pages I still had quite a lot of fun with it.

Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (Print) version

PNG (Digital) version

Please send me any requests you have through my contact page or to my Instagram (@midnakit), but please remember that I can’t draw any licensed content!

Professional Work

Colouring page: Monday 27th April


I’ve started my new university project so, unfortunately, I’ve had to release this page later in the afternoon than usual.  This colouring page of butterflies on a bouquet of tulips was requested by Lorelei!

Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (Print) version

PNG (Digital) version

Please make sure to send any of your colouring page requests to me through my contact page here or through my Instagram @midnakit!


Professional Work

Colouring page – Saturday 25th April


Today’s colouring page was requested by Bella, who loves wolves! I haven’t drawn many animals in the past so it was a bit of a challenge, but I think it turned out well – I also got to add a background to this illustration to flesh it out more. You can watch a video of my illustration in progress on my Instagram @midnakit!

Do you have a request for a colouring page you’d like me to create for you? I can’t do licenced characters for this project but please send me your other suggestions either via my Instagram or by filling in this form. And don’t forget to tag me in if you share your coloured in pages!

Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (Print) version

PNG (Digital) version

Professional Work

Colouring page: Monday 20th April

Today’s colouring page was requested by my cousin Ayda, who asked for unicorns, ponies, cupcakes, sweets, and ladies with cool hair. I figured that the best way to show all of those was to add them together!


Here are the download links for this page’s files:

PDF (Print) version

PNG (Digital Colouring) version

Keep checking my Instagram @midnakit to find out about new pages as I make them, and message me there or here to send me your own requests!

Professional Work

Weekly Colouring Pages!


I have a little sister who is five, as well as lots of young children in my neighbourhood, and I really wanted to do something for them during this lockdown when it can get pretty boring and there aren’t always people around to play or hang out with them. I have recently created a colouring page for a project being run by a local social enterprise, Nudge, with the Stonehouse Voice* newspaper, and I really enjoyed making it. So I thought maybe it would be helpful and fun to create more colouring pages in response to requests and suggestions made by kids in isolation!

My sister Ripley suggested the first theme which is “Sunflowers and Bees”, as she has been sowing lots of sunflower seeds recently and is waiting for them to pop up. You can download the illustration as a PDF for printing or a PNG if you want to colour it on a phone or tablet. If you would like to make a suggestion for the next colouring page, send it along to me on Instagram @midnakit (or fill in this form), and tag me in if you share your finished picture!

I hope to be posting new colouring pages twice a week, check my Instagram to find out when new pages are available!

The guidelines for submitting colouring page ideas are:

1 – The request must be appropriate for all ages.

2 – The request can’t include branded material: For example, characters from TV shows, games, and movies.

Click on the below links to access the different downloadable versions of the Sunflowers and Bees colouring page:

PDF (print) version

PNG (digital colouring) version

* You can download issues of The Stonehouse Voice from their website, where you can read my comic strip The Stonehouse Detectives, featuring Holmes the Seagull and his ever-suffering companion, Watson the Pigeon! 


Events and Exhibitions

Plymouth Art Weekender 2019 – Sunday 29th Sept

My previous posts about this year’s PAW are here:
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Two pages from Elena Brake’s sketchbook of childhood playground equipment

On the morning of the Sunday of PAW 2019, I went straight to KARST for the CAMP Breakfast Club, where I and the other attendees had breakfast as a group while listening to talks delivered by members of the CAMP collective about their PAW projects.

First up was Rachel Dobbs, who told us about Grizedale Arts – an arts group based in Lawson Park who organise and curate a host of different events, exhibitions, and art internships. Rachel talked about how art projects shouldn’t just be about exhibitions or led by funding, but should draw from and include their local communities. She suggested that there is a tendency in arts projects to follow a linear route, where an idea is pitched for funding at the beginning and then delivered as an event at the end, but that instead we could challenge ourselves to think about arts projects in more of a circular cycle, where each project interlinks with the next, and skills and resources can be carried through and built over time.

After Rachel had finished, Elena Brake talked us through the reasoning behind her project Playgrounds at Dawn, and how she wants adults to be able to feel like they can still play, be creative, and be curious about life and the world around us. I saw photos on Instagram of Elena’s PAW event, where she watched the sunrise with the people who attended, and adults enjoyed the opportunity to play in the otherwise empty playground. It looked like they had a lot of fun! Lastly Rhys Morgan spoke about his major arts inspiration, Lis Rhodes.

I had to leave the event early to set up the zine library and stalls, but I did get the chance later in the afternoon to have a look around RAAY (Royal Adelaide Art and Yoga)’s exhibitions ’51st State’ and ‘Grotto’. RAAY always hosts interesting and quirky exhibitions so I was excited to visit.

Some the postcards handed in for RAAY’s 51st State exhibition (guess which one is mine!)

For the ’51st State’ project, Matt Thomas (curator at RAAY) gave out 51 postcards to local artists and tasked them with altering or adding to their postcard in any way they liked, then return the postcards for the event. Around half of the postcards came back to him and they were extremely varied in their execution! Some postcards were nearly completely covered with only small features of the original image visible, and others had been given few changes. I took part in the project, adding illustrations of my comic strip characters ‘The Stonehouse Detectives’ to the postcard.

Inside Mark Jesset’s Grotto

Grotto, created by Mark Jesset, was a piece that filled The Sliver, Plymouth’s narrowest exhibition space which really has to be seen to appreciate it! ‘Grotto’ invited visitors to peer through gaps in a painted board to see a 3D painted cave, complete with stalactites and stalagmites.

Matt also let me on to the terrace garden roof to see the Limpet Lights, a group project which has strung together hundreds of seashells, which were visible from one of the windows in one of RAAY’s exhibition rooms.

RAAY’s Limpet Lights

I then visited The Warehouse, a brand new exhibition and event space on Rendle Street. It’s debut exhibition for the Weekender was NOTOPIA, featuring art from the collective dOgMiLk. My favourite work was by artist Holly Nevill, whose poetry and drawings were a whimsical mash-up of photos, illustrations, and typewritten pieces.

Two of Holly’s sketchbook pages on display

I had to get back to The Clipper to pack up, but I did it as quickly as possible so I could swing by Studio 102. Here I got to join in making large stickers with owner Nick Halford, and add to a wall of graffiti art with Yannis Nicolaou, an artist I really like and have covered in the past here and here.

My brother Jenson practicing writing with a spraycan

It was great to visit Studio 102 again, as I haven’t been there for quite some time, and it is a really exciting space. It was fun messing around with spraycans – in fact, my brother has been inspired to try this out more, so we may work together on a piece or two! Yannis has a lot of experience working with young people on community arts projects and at festivals, so even Ripley (my five year old sister) got to have a go.

IMG_6034 copy
Yannis even helped my sister Ripley to have a go!

I noticed on Instagram that several other people had posted about this participatory event, which was really popular, especially with families. Studio 102 has hosted some of my favourite exhibitions in the past and there is a lot of energy there, I really recommend a visit.

Ripley and a Xenomorph painted by Yannis Nicolaou!

To finish the day, I went to Cawfee, a cafe on Union Street, to see “3”, a poetry and unplugged music night featuring talks and poetry from Helen Moore of Client Culture, Alan Qualtrough of The Stonehouse Voice, and Pete Davey and Gabi Marcellus-Temple of Wonderzoo, alongside many more poets and singer-songwriters. This was the first time I had been to a poetry event, and I found it a really enjoyable experience.

Pete Davey and Gabi Marcellus-Temple

Pete Davey and Gabi Marcellus-Temple portrayed a range of emotions, from solomn and lonely to energetic and filled with rage, as they recited each other’s poems. I wondered how differently the poems may have sounded if they had read their own, rather than each other’s. The poems were very personal and so they must put a lot of trust in each other to convey their feelings and intentions well.

The Franklin Street Songwriting Duet performing their original music at Cawfee

Mental health and the Mayflower were recurring themes throughout the night, but there were also humourous tales which made the evening more lighthearted. Pete Golding has written a full review of the event (click to read) which I would recommend, and there is also a recording available (click to listen) if you would like to listen.

The evening felt like a good send-off to the Weekender for this year, being relaxed, thoughtful and reflective, in contrast to the enjoyably hyperactive”Wayne’s War of the World” event that kicked off  my PAW experience on Friday.

IMG_6149 copy.JPG
Helen Moore spoke about her zine Client Culture and issues around the Mayflower

I’m disappointed that I didn’t manage to visit as much of PAW 2019 as I wanted, but I was very busy with an event of my own! I will be writing about my Plymouth Zine Library event in an upcoming blog post, and I think I’ve learned a lot this year about the challenge involved in running an event while trying to visit several more. I definitely overextended myself but I hope that these posts still show how brilliant and ambitious the Plymouth Art Weekender is, bringing together so many local artists and venues, with many participatory projects for our community to enjoy.

Events and Exhibitions

Plymouth Art Weekender 2019 – Saturday 28th Sept

This is my third post on PAW 2019, here are my previous posts:
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One of Ron Wheeler’s digital pieces

During PAW 2019, one of the units next to the No Whey! cafe at The Clipper housed the MND (Motor Neurone Disease) Association, who were representing an artist called Ron Wheeler. Ron suffers from MND, meaning he’s no longer physically able to paint or draw, but with EyeGaze – eye-tracking technology that enables people who have difficulty using their hands and arms to use and navigate computers, phones, and tablets – he has made some incredible digital artwork inspired by fantasy and sci-fi themes.

IMG_5688 copy.JPG
Two of Ron’s prints, available to buy over the Weekender
One of Belinda’s pieces, depicting a port scene

In the unit opposite Ron Wheeler’s work was Belinda, a local Plymouth artist who’s illustrations depict creepy figures and amalgamations in everyday situations. The chaos in some of her work is engrossing, and some parts I found quite amusing, as well as eerie.

Belinda and her mounted work
Four of the letterpress posters on the Truth Wall 2

Alan Qualtrough worked with local people in Plymouth to make a ‘Truth Wall’ during PAW 2018, and this year he worked with Joanna Shepherd on two similar projects, ‘Truth Wall 2’ and the ‘Truth Tree’. These were covered in letterpress posters of words and phrases about different people’s views of the political climate of the time, the environment, and their thoughts on Plymouth and their local area.

More Truth Wall 2 posters
One of the pieces made during the event (from last year’s YEA ’18 zine which I curated!)

Unfortunately as I was running my zine library event at The Clipper, I didn’t have enough time to visit the Stonehouse Tennis Club for ‘Drawn to the Lawn’, a painting and drawing meet in the club’s courtyard which I had really wanted to get to, but Ellen Sims kindly sent me photos of the event to show me how it went!

I feel that art meetups in Plymouth are massively underrated and that we should be setting up and encouraging people to come to more events like this. Being in the same space as other people and actively creating art together can feel so welcoming and fun, and can really help people unsure of their artistic skills to come together and help each other.

A beautiful sketch of Drake’s Island

Fortunately, I was able to visit PSCA (Plymouth School of Creative Arts) for the Rhizome collective’s Big Watercolour/Postcard Day. Here, the aim of the workshop was to make at least two postcards each – one to keep and give to a friend, and another to leave at PSCA for the staff and volunteers to send out.

Some of the postcards made during the Watercolour/Postcard Day

There were a lot of children and families who were painting postcards together at this event, which was heartwarming to see. My little sister, my dad, and I also took part and made some of our own postcards too.

IMG_5759 copy
My dad and sister taking part in Rhizome’s workshop