Events and Exhibitions


Today I stopped by Radiant Gallery for the I.Am.Not.A.Robot exhibition.


There are lots of small metal creatures in birdcages hanging from a fabric forest.


Most of the creatures are asleep but some are awake and waiting to be talked to.


Every creature has unique features, some have beaks, some have antlers, others have big cat ears or spiky ears.


There is a comfy sofa and some books so you can sit and read aloud to the creatures to make them happy.  Sometimes, the creatures will sing..

This exhibition was adorable but also sad because of the context.  It has been created and curated by a small group of young people who are in foster care, working with curators and artists from Effervescent.  The exhibition is intended to make us think about issues around foster caring and how children in foster care are maybe seen by other people and by themselves.  It will probably give you a lump in your throat and it is one of the most moving exhibitions I have visited.

The singing happens once an hour, around the beginning of the hour.  Get there a bit earlier than that to look around in quiet and read the exhibition materials.  Sit on the sofa and read a book aloud to yourself and the creatures (I recommend The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy which I discovered there).  Most importantly, wait to hear the creatures sing!


The exhibition will be on until the 25th November.  I will be going back again and taking friends with me because I think this is an exhibition a lot of them will enjoy and it is a really thought-provoking and sweet experience.