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We The People at PAC – update!

I will be revisiting the We The People Are The Work exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre several times hopefully during its stay, because the exhibition will be changing and growing over that time as local groups of people come to add to it.  I wrote about my first visit here.

Fabric and tape ready for screenprinting

This post will be mostly pictures of what has been happening there so far, which is mostly plans and conversations.  Alongside the prints by Ciara Phillips the walls are covered in notes from Ciara’s meetings with the different groups of people she is working with, which includes students from Plymouth College of Art.  Laura Kelly was there today as a gallery explainer and she talked to me about her experience being part of the process.  Reading the notes and hearing her talk about them is really interesting, I took photos of some of the ones that I liked most and wanted to remember.


“Don’t be upset if it’s only a few that get involved because it’s only a few that will make a change.”


“We do not make art for the public.  We are the public that makes art.”


“It is not a benefit.  It’s our money.”  This piece has come from conversations with Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI).


“Get off your phones, Have some more fun, Talk to your kids, And play in the sun”.  This is part of a poem by Madeleine Elliott age 10.


This picture shows some of the notes and materials which will be used to create the pieces of art.



Because the work is being created right now, the pieces can respond to news and current events as they happen.


I will revisit the exhibition and write more in a couple of weeks, but I would definitely recommend visiting to look at all the notes being made in the process of discovering what the different people want to talk and make art about.