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Comic diary updates

Here are some of my favourite comic panels I have done recently! I post comics about my life on my Instagram if you want to read more.
May 15th – Cornered
April 11th – Dreams
28th February – Phone


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Update on all my recent work!
Three types of gift wrapping paper I have created!

My blog has been quiet of updates for a long while now as I have been so busy for the past few months. I’ve been working hard on my final major project for college (I regularly update my college blog with my progress on this, have a look!), organising college events as VP for Pre-Degree, and I was shortlisted for an Outstanding Student award at Plymouth College of Art (I didn’t get it but being shortlisted was amazing in itself).
My comic for 29th April – Victory

I’ve done some more illustration commission work for clients, and have been making new products and running tables at Tiny Mart and Give Up Your Day Job. I have also been keeping up with drawing and posting regular comic panels about my life on my Instagram, and making new visual guide mini zines about various things.

I have been organising more zine workshops and running the zine library, and I have a new zine project I am working on (my first as an independent artist and my first funded project for Plymouth Zine Library!) for Mayflower 400. I am also continuing to volunteer as an Activator for Visual Arts Plymouth CIC and Plymouth Art Weekender.
My new mini visual guide zines!

Finally, I applied for university places, went to my interviews, recieved offers of places from all of them (!), and chose which one I wanted to take! I have chosen to study Illustration at Plymouth University. I want to focus on concept art but I decided to study Illustration (rather than a Game Art degree) as it is broad enough to allow me space to also try work in comics, printmaking, book illustration, posters etc. The facilities and tutors are amazing, the Student Union is really active with lots of clubs (I’m particularly interested in the gaming club, music related clubs, and trying archery), and staying in Plymouth will allow me to continue my work in the arts community here.
A selection of zines in the Plymouth Zine Library, which I curate

I have been to a bunch of exhibitions locally but haven’t had time to write about those unfortunately, I hope to update with more posts about future exhibitions and events in the future. Some of the local events I’ve enjoyed in the past few months was a walk round Plymouth centre and Stonehouse to learn about local cinema history run by Imperfect Cinema and the No Whey! Vegan Market at The Clipper.

I’ll be updating with more posts about my various projects very soon!



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Comic Diary

I have started keeping a (mostly) daily comic panel which is a sort of diary. I am uploading the panels to my Instagram most of the time. I hope to improve my visual storytelling and comic art by making the panels, and I might use them also to try different drawing and inking styles. I also hope that people find the comic interesting and relatable!

7th January
7th January
12th January
20th January

Go to my @midnakit Instagram to see more!

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Midnakit’s posts from 2017

This is a masterpost of all my posts here in 2017!

January 2017

Block printing cotton bags – with my Plymouth Pilgrims linocut

The Science and Technology Showcase at Plymouth University

Global Game Jam 2017 – making ‘Quake Rescue

February 2017

Talk from Jack Gill at Central Library – listening to Jack from SoGoodStudios

EpicMakeTime with MESH – working on the Shrimp

Titanic Exhibition – at the Duke of Cornwall, and the plaques on Millbay Pier

Anatomy for Figure Drawing & Comics – working on an Udemy course

100 Ways To (be) Home Ed – a post I wrote for the #100waystohomeed bloghop about what it is like to be home educated

March 2017

My Gallery – I added a Gallery page, which really needs updating now!

The House of Marbles – in Bovey Tracey

NatSatClub Devon Dialect Project – illustrating “zart”

April 2017

The Art of Truth In The Digital Age – week 1 of ‘Home Grown’ at Ocean Studios

Emerging Natural Beauty exhibition at Ocean Studios – week 2 of ‘Home Grown’

Radius: 50mi at Ocean Studios – week 3 of ‘Home Grown’

May 2017

Here and Now Exhibition – week 4 of ‘Home Grown’ at Ocean Studios

Plymouth University Illustration Years One and Two Shpw at RWY

Uptown Junk at Studio 102

June 2017

Land/Sea Exhibition – at Plymouth Arts Centre

Game Arts at PCA Summer Show #BreakingThrough17

Animation at PCA Summer Show #BreakingThrough17

Illustration at PCA Summer Show #BreakingThrough17

About Zine Workshops and Gurt Noodle – video of Gurt Noodle #0 originals, and some minizines and flyers

July 2017

Bratpop gig poster design – my design for a poster for a gig I played

YEA Plymouth – introducing the YEA Plymouth project

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 1

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 2

July Zine Workshop

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 3

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 4

Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 5

August 2017

Graphic Communication with Typography at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017

September 2017

NatSatClub Summer Show 2017 – visiting Somerset House to see my work alongside other young artists! Glass houses, beach glass jewellery, and collaborative work with Barnaby Barford

My new flyer for the next Zine Workshop – also starting college and my Kitwatch design!

Plymouth Art Weekender #PAW17 – my YEA ’17 cover and info about PAW

Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 – Day 1 – We The People Are The Work at Peninsula Arts, PCA, PAC, the Council House, and Karst

Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 – Day 2 – Tabling with YEA Plymouth at the Athenaeum and distributing our zine YEA ’17!  Also making an art book with Muster Press.

Plymouth Art Weekender 2017 – Day 3 – Papier mache and monoprinting workshops and exhibitions at Ocean Studios, Inkblot workshops and the exhibitions at PSCA, the Union Street Party, the Athenaeum, Studio 102, and PAC.

October 2017

Happy Inktober 2017! – the prompt list

I.Am.Not.A.Robot – at Radiant Gallery

We The People at PAC – update!

My latest poster design, for my October Zine Workshop

November 2017

Workshop poster designs – my first two pattern designs and posters for the YEA/PAC workshop project

Poster for Creative Writing Workshop

Pattern design – a post about how my pattern design process for the first three YEA/PAC workshop posters

I won a Design Competition! – my design for the Art Side tote bags

December 2017

Events this week! – my badges and zines in photos

Illuminate 2017 and a Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl workshop – at Ocean Studios

Tiny Mart – my table and day at Tiny Mart maker/seller Xmas Fair

Give Up Your Day Job – my table and day at the Give Up Your Day Job DIY art fair


That’s it!




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Midnakit’s posts from 2016

I have been keeping this blog since June 2016!!  Hoo boy!  I have been thinking for a while about making a masterpost of links to all my posts so far, so here are the first six months!

June 2016

First Post – original characters, self portrait

Art Cards from May – original characters, Luke Skywalker, self portrait

New art cards – original characters, a self portrait, and Godzilla

Graduate Show at PCA – including some badges I made of me and J

Today’s sketch (19 June) – Link

Watercolour drawings – Link, The Last of Us, Fox (Ptolomy Elrington), original character

Today’s sketch (26 June) – Kyary

Keys to Drawing Chapter 1

Sketching Skateboarding

Today’s Sketch (30 June) – “Peppy” original character

July 2016

Today’s Sketch (2 July) – Kyary

Today’s Sketch (4 July) – “Roses” original character

Digital Futures & Dataplay – Plymouth Cubed watercolour

Today’s Sketch (6 July) – Kyary watercolour and Plymouth Cubed sketch

Today’s Sketch (10 July) – “Berry” original character

Keys to Drawing Chapter 2

My PlymouthCubed art inside PlymouthCubed!

Sketches from the past fortnight.. – Bigbury beach and fan art (My Hero Academia, Colour Catchers (Alice Kensington), One Punch Man, Gutsie (Ghoulkiss), Attack on Titan, Undertale, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time

Art Cards (24 July) – original characters

Plymouth Young Contemporary Open

August 2016

New things! – some new things I had got

Recent sketches and activity – original characters and Kaguya

September 2016

Daily sketch – Kitchen

Comic strips and my zine – Monster Hunter and Journey comic ideas, writing about MACS Issue 1 (2014)

Young Arts Club at Plymouth College of Art – screenprinting, sewing, KitBIT fashion designs, animation, plaster and wire sculpture, seahorse t shirt design, millinery, self portrait

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 1 – including Dog Show at Radiant Gallery

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 2, Part 1 – including PCA and Plymouth University

Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 2, Part 1 – including Prime Cafe Bar and PCA

Plymouth Art Weekender Day 2, Part 3! – at Ocean Studios

October 2016

Plymouth Art Weekender Day 3 – including Union Street Party and Royal William Yard

Games for Better Game Jam – Infection!

November 2016

On Shaky Ground at At-Bristol

Plymouth Cubed Talk at Central Library

Inktober 2016 – all my Inktober 2016 sketches and original characters

National Saturday Club Part 1 – self portraits, figure sketching

December 2016

NA&DSC London Trip – original characters, Quicksilver and Thor, visiting Central Saint Martins and the Tate Britain

Glass Fusing Workshop – Zelda fairies and other things I made by fusing glass


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Illuminate 2017 and a Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl workshop

Last Sunday I went to Ocean Studios for the Illuminate 2017 festival.  Local artist Rosie Drake-Knight of Native Makers led a workshop on making a reflective heat transfer vinyl t-shirt and I was able to have a go.


First I had to sketch out a design.  I chose the Junkrat symbol from Overwatch which is one of my favourite games.


Next I copied my sketch on to the back (the matt side) of a reflective vinyl sheet, with the design reversed.


I cut out the individual pieces and arranged them on the t-shirt shiny side up.


Rosie worked the heat press for safety reasons.  She had to hold it down for a short time.  The heat press has a heated plate on the bottom and the top, so it is like being sandwiched between two irons.  Apparently you can use a dry iron instead to do this at home.


The last stage was to peel the shiny plastic off the top of the design.  Underneath was the reflective design permanently sealed to the t-shirt fabric.


Here I am wearing my new t-shirt!  I have hand painted and stencilled t-shirts before and this seemed to take less time and was a much easier process (as long as you’re only using one colour and the design is simple, like this one).  Here is how the reflective vinyl looks using flash photography:


I am going to research using an iron to do heat transfer vinyl to see if I can make more things at home.  The heat press was actually borrowed from my college so I am also going to see if I can access it or maybe one of my tutors would let us use it one day.


I had a look around some more of the work on display for Illuminate 2017 at Royal William Yard.  It was really impressive, there were light shows and huge animations projected on the buildings.


There was a DJ playing music to match the beats of the show on the walls.  It was a freezing cold late November evening but the atmosphere was upbeat and exciting.


Inside Ocean Studios was this Ray Of Light installation by Paige Alexander.  This was my favourite piece on display and it is made from ultraviolet string that glows different colours under ultraviolet light.

Illuminate is an annual event to commemorate the sailing of the Mayflower nearly 400 years ago.  There will be lots of other events happening in Plymouth over the next few years linking up to the Mayflower celebrations and I’ll try and visit as many as I can.