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Land/Sea exhibition

A pebble plastiglomerate.  Here, plastic has fused lots of pebbles together, and I thought it looked like it could be ore or materials from space.

In April, I went to the Plymouth Arts Centre and had a look around Mike Perry’s exhibition, Land/Sea.  This is a photography exhibition that takes a look at the environmental issue of our oceans becoming polluted by trash dumped by people.

The exhibition is set out across several rooms.  The first room is filled with photographs of old and tattered shoes that Mike Perry found washed up on the Pembrokeshire coast.  Each picture focuses up close on an individual shoe.  Some were so deteriorated, they weren’t recognisable as shoes to me!

This shoe sole looks like a rocky cliff wall.

The second room has images of assorted junk like broken plastic crates, shredded bin bags, and more.  It is linked directly to a smaller room with a display case filled with lumps of plastic that has fused with nets and other bits of plastic, and then been broken down by the sea until the pieces look like natural rocks.

Some of these are obviously plastic lumps (like the big blue chunk in the middle of this photo) but a few look so similar to normal rocks anyone could mistake them for the real thing.

There is also a short documentary Môr Plastig by Eiler Pierce playing that shows clips of Mike Perry talking about his work and working through the stages of finding, examining and photographing the different objects.

A broken piece of a pink plastic crate, covered in some kind of mold or vegetation..  It made me think of ship wrecks.

The fourth room has lots of photos of old, empty plastic bottles.  Some of these have such unusual colours and shapes, they could be from all over the world.

My favourite is the red bottle in the top right corner.  It looks like it could have been a poster paint bottle.

The final room contained large landscape photos of British moors and mountains that have been deforested.  To me, these landscapes looked like they could be on an alien planet.

This landscape photo gives me a mysterious and miserable vibe.

Land/Sea will be open until the 17th of June at the Plymouth Arts Centre, and I definitely recommend a visit.