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PCA Graduate Show – Illustration

Last week I visited Plymouth College of Art’s Graduate Shows, and this post will cover some of my favourite work from PCA’s 2019 BA (Hons) Illustration graduates. Click here to read what I wrote about their Pre-Degree show.

Michael Spark

Michael Spark (@spark_plug_96) has created an interactive book named “Inner Fears: Dungeon Descent”. It follows a lone knight as they journey down a winding path through a precarious dungeon. The pages have tabs to unfold and new sections to pop out, revealing abandoned dining rooms and giant monsters. I really enjoyed the physical process of discovering the story and the three-dimensional effect of looking at characters through cut out doorways.

Michael Spark
Rose Bell

Rose Bell (@rosebelldraws) has designed characters for an original comic, Silva, drawing inspiration from plants and flowers. The colour scheme makes the sinister nature of this character clear, and I like how their leaf cloak drapes around their body, allowing the veins to provide dramatic highlights.

Rose Bell
Paige Goddard

This custom skateboard featuring a hissing cat was designed by Paige Goddard. Paige’s project centred women skateboarders, and as well as the skateboard she produced a number of illustrations which she combined into a zine. The unusual framing of this illustration around the movement of the board, rather than showing the whole character, creates an energetic and exciting image.

Paige Goddard
Jade M Eggleton

Jade M Eggleton (@nanootter) has created watercolour illustrations and felted sculptures of woodland animals. Some have been anthropomorphized with outfits in a style reminiscent of familiar characters from the early 1900s, such as Wind in the Willows and Peter Rabbit.

Jade M Eggleton
Eleanor Tolfts

Eleanor Tolfts’ children’s book, “My Fears in Rhyme”, illustrates the fears and terrors of small children. Her macabre art style fits the spine-chilling theme perfectly, and made me think of Edward Gorey’s work on The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Amy Tilsed

Amy Tilsed (@amyamyteeart) specialises in illustrating and writing comics, and had several on display including her new original comic centred around a character called Burger Boy and his fast-food themed friends. Amy has a distinctive curvy style to her illustrations which I find really charming.

Amy Tilsed
Zacky Xavier Hughes

Zacky Xavier Hughes (@zackyhughes) made a beautiful book of illustrations based on Japanese folk tales. My favourite piece was this red monochromatic image of a geisha wearing a garment featuring multiple ornamental patterns. This was used as a wraparound cover for the book making it feel really special. Zacky had also created some fascinating three-dimensional pictures created by layering precisely cut vinyl.

Zacky Xavier Hughes
Kate Coffin

Kate Coffin (@kate.coffin) specialises in cover design for young adult books. Michael Grant’s “Gone” series follows a group of young people trapped in their town and trying to survive after all the adults have disappeared, and Kate’s illustrations of crazed lettering surrounding tiny figures under a dome captures the theme and pace of the stories really well.

Jamie Woodward-Jarvis

Jamie Woodward-Jarvis has designed greetings cards based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and humorous rhymes. He has a rough but cute punky style, and his work would be great on T-shirts.

Sophie White

Sophie White’s (@illustrator_soph_) main focus in her work is body positivity. Each of these patches has been hand-printed or embroidered with simple line illustrations of the female body, and then they have been sewn together in a choppy style to make these provocative combinations.

Sophie White
Josh Beamish

Josh Beamish’s (@joshbeamishart )”Things” album art is eerie and otherworldly. I like how Josh has used blue and purple light reflecting off of this figure to give them a plasticky, synthetic appearance.

I did visit other parts of the graduate show, including graphic design, animation, game arts, and surface pattern design, and I was impressed by the diversity and originality on display. Don’t forget to read my post about the work by this year’s Extended Diploma graduates, you can also take a look back on my coverage of past local graduate shows, and check back here for more soon!

If your work is featured here and you’d like me to add or change links, let me know.





Professional Work

Patterned gift wrap

Here are the three gift wrap designs I made a few weeks ago! I developed these colour patterns from three I made a while back for the YEA/PAC artist workshops. In order, the patterns were for the Comic/Character Design, Zinemaking, and Creative Writing workshops.

I used this as an opportunity to play with colour schemes and practice a new Photoshop technique for placing flat colours that are easy to modify and swap.

If you’re interested in buying some of my gift wrap, or in commissioning me, feel free to contact me.

Kaiju and robot theme
Zine/magazine theme
Storybook theme
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Update on all my recent work!
Three types of gift wrapping paper I have created!

My blog has been quiet of updates for a long while now as I have been so busy for the past few months. I’ve been working hard on my final major project for college (I regularly update my college blog with my progress on this, have a look!), organising college events as VP for Pre-Degree, and I was shortlisted for an Outstanding Student award at Plymouth College of Art (I didn’t get it but being shortlisted was amazing in itself).
My comic for 29th April – Victory

I’ve done some more illustration commission work for clients, and have been making new products and running tables at Tiny Mart and Give Up Your Day Job. I have also been keeping up with drawing and posting regular comic panels about my life on my Instagram, and making new visual guide mini zines about various things.

I have been organising more zine workshops and running the zine library, and I have a new zine project I am working on (my first as an independent artist and my first funded project for Plymouth Zine Library!) for Mayflower 400. I am also continuing to volunteer as an Activator for Visual Arts Plymouth CIC and Plymouth Art Weekender.
My new mini visual guide zines!

Finally, I applied for university places, went to my interviews, recieved offers of places from all of them (!), and chose which one I wanted to take! I have chosen to study Illustration at Plymouth University. I want to focus on concept art but I decided to study Illustration (rather than a Game Art degree) as it is broad enough to allow me space to also try work in comics, printmaking, book illustration, posters etc. The facilities and tutors are amazing, the Student Union is really active with lots of clubs (I’m particularly interested in the gaming club, music related clubs, and trying archery), and staying in Plymouth will allow me to continue my work in the arts community here.
A selection of zines in the Plymouth Zine Library, which I curate

I have been to a bunch of exhibitions locally but haven’t had time to write about those unfortunately, I hope to update with more posts about future exhibitions and events in the future. Some of the local events I’ve enjoyed in the past few months was a walk round Plymouth centre and Stonehouse to learn about local cinema history run by Imperfect Cinema and the No Whey! Vegan Market at The Clipper.

I’ll be updating with more posts about my various projects very soon!



Personal Work

Comic Diary

I have started keeping a (mostly) daily comic panel which is a sort of diary. I am uploading the panels to my Instagram most of the time. I hope to improve my visual storytelling and comic art by making the panels, and I might use them also to try different drawing and inking styles. I also hope that people find the comic interesting and relatable!

7th January
7th January
12th January
20th January

Go to my @midnakit Instagram to see more!

College Work


Persephone poster, hand drawn and digitally painted, Nov 2018
Persephone poster, hand drawn and digitally painted, Nov 2018

For  my most recent college project I chose to design a poster themed around the story of Persephone, which I would then have printed and be able to sell. Above is my final design.

I wrote a small piece of text to introduce the story:

About Persephone, text to accompany my poster, Nov 2018
About Persephone, text to accompany my poster, Nov 2018

Here is the poster on display at the Game Over art fair at my college:

Persephone poster at the Game Over art fair, Nov 2018
Persephone poster at the Game Over art fair at PCA, Nov 2018

Throughout the project I wrote posts on my college blog about the different steps involved in producing the poster, below are links to all of my posts specifically on my creative process:

Changing my project

Inspirations for my new project

Art Nouveau Research

Research – Persephone

Sketchbook pages

Digital work so far

Process sketches for my decorative elements

Digital editing and colouring

If you would like your own copy of the A3 poster, contact me!

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Native Makers, 8th – 9th December

One of my new Christmas cards!

I’ll be at tomorrow at bringing some new hand drawn Christmas cards with my little dudes characters on and my Persephone posters 🙂 Come along from 10-5 all weekend!