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New things!

New things!

Here are some of the new things that I have got recently:

Pearson Student Planner & Academic Diary – This planner is aimed at university students but it has lots of useful advice for all types of independent learners.  I looked at several different planners and chose this one because the planner section is simple and has lots of space for everything I need, with Monthly, Weekly and To Do pages, and every week there is a good study Tip which gives directions to more thorough advice in a numbered section at the back.

Sharpie pocket highlighters – four different colours for my planner which haven’t smeared my writing or the print in the book.

Pentel refillable brush pen – I was recommended this by a friend for drawing and sketching.  The ink is black and waterproof.

NEO Magazine Issue 163 – arrived this morning!  This is a different size than usual and has an article about Godzilla in it with a really cool photo of actors on set in their kaiju costumes.  I always look forward to the cosplay and art sections most and I have a six month subscription.

Kuretake DAW100-6 “Practice Japanese Character Set That You Can Practice Many Times With The Water” bought from KMZ-tradings via Amazon.

Kuretake Practice Japanese Character set – in this set is a writing mat, a waterbrush and a pipette to help fill it (but mine filled under the tap easily), an instruction book (in Japanese), and a little folder to hold everything together.  You fill the cartridge in the pen with water then practice hiragana with the pen on the writing mat. The water shows up black as you write but fades away in thirty seconds or so, so you can practice without using up paper and ink.  The mat has guideline squares to write in and the whole set is really cute and useful.  KMZ-tradings included an origami crane which was a sweet surprise!

Inside the DK visual dictionary

DK Japanese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary – I have been learning Japanese for a few months now and needed a Japanese-English dictionary to learn more everyday vocabulary relevant to the things I do.  This visual dictionary is thick and heavy and is really easy to use to find groups of words which all relate to the same topic, like household items, or sweets.  Its a great help but it would be good if there was a lighter pocket size version for carrying around!



Personal Work

Watercolour drawings

I’ve just finished my sketch of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  I watched gameplay videos of it at E3 online and I HAD to draw a picture:

Link Watercolour

I used Kuretake Mangaka fineliners and Sakura Koi watercolours.  Here is a picture of my watercolour kit:

Kitty's Watercolour Kit
From left: Seawhite A5 Sketchbook, Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box, Uni Kuru Toga pencils, Pentel Water Brush, Sakura White Gelly Roll pen, Zig Millennium 005, Zig Mangaka pens, Sakura Pigma brush pen, Tombow Spray Mister, Staedtler Mars plastic eraser, Koh-I-Noor Kneadable Eraser

I’ve had my Koi sketch box since early May and my Seawhite sketchbook for a fortnight and got them both from The Art Side.   Some of the other things here I got for my birthday, and some of them have been in my art kit for a long time.  I have three Kuru Toga pencils, all with different leads in them.  My silver one is HB and my most used pencil.  The green holds 4B lead and I have a blue one (not pictured) which holds non-photocopy blue lead.  I like to use water brushes because they are easier to take out and about.  I use the spray mister to make my paints damp before I use them.  The white gelly roll pen is great for highlights and covering mistakes so I have it with me constantly.  I have a wide variety of black fineliners and brush pens and at the moment I prefer using small fineliners so I can be really detailed in my work, and i’ve been testing different types of crosshatching with them.  I’ve also been learning to use dip pens and ink.

I’ve only been working in watercolour for the past two months and I think it’s really fun to do.  It’s slightly harder to work in than pencils and pens because you need to be careful about how much water you put on the paper.  Here are some examples of my work so far:

Ellie and Joel
Ellie and Joel from The Last Of Us

I just completed The Last Of Us (on easy..) and have been drawing Ellie and Joel a lot.

Girl and Fox
Girl and Fox

I invented the girl.  I sketched the fox on a visit to Delamore House’s annual arts exhibition at the end of May.  The original is a giant sculpture made from recycled materials (car bumpers!) by Ptolomy Elrington.

Ellie in Winter

Another picture of Ellie.  I worked on this last week.  She is a really fun character to draw.