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Illustration at the Plymouth University Graduate Show 2017 – Part 4

This is my fourth post about the Plymouth University BA (Hons) Illustration show.  Each post so far has looked at work from eight different illustrators.  Here are my previous Posts – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  (Edit – here is Part 5)

Christopher Reilly (Instagram) is a comic and book illustrator.  His graphic novel Asclepius Origins is based on Greek mythology and the story of Apollo and Coronis. I really like his dark, rough, and sketchy style of drawing and it suits the dark story.

Asclepius Origins – A page from a graphic novel by Christopher Reilly
Asclepius Origins – A page from a graphic novel by Christopher Reilly

Jessica Parnell (Instagram) Is a creature creator who works with mixed media.  Her character designs are brought to life in her three dimensional models, and they remind me of the puppets and characters of Jim Henson movies like The Dark Crystal.  I can imagine the Kadoti chirping and trilling.  Jessica’s work was completely unique across all the Graduate shows I went to this year.

Creatures of Neconia – Character design by Jessica Parnell
Creatures of Neconia – Character creation by Jessica Parnell
Creatures of Neconia – Character design by Jessica Parnell
Creatures of Neconia – Creature creation by Jessica Parnell

Joanna Cole (Instagram) is an illustrator with a passion for nature and narrative.  She had panels from a children’s book she was making on display.  I love the muted colours and dreamlike, detailed watercolour work.

A panel from Roots Part One: The Outside – Comic by Joanna Cole

Lewis Collins (Instagram) is a sculptor and conceptual artist whose work is inspired by fantasy and sci-fi themes.  His concept sketches showed amazing menacing creatures that would look great in a video game.

Concept art by Lewis Collins
Sculpture by Lewis Collins

Matt Royhl (Instagram) specialises in editorial illustration.  His work on display included illustrations he has made for different clients.  I really like the way Matt uses contrasting shades of colours without outlining and smooth rounded edges.

Visual pun and metaphor in Editorial Illustration by Matt Royhl
Matt Royhl’s display included a huge ‘Gazette’ page with screens showing his moving GIFs

Ellie Wilkinson’s (Instagram) illustration, design, and graphic work is inspired by social and political issues.  I like the doodley style of her Fight your Cause pattern, and the way she has combined typography with colouring and simple shapes in Refugee makes a really strong statement.

Refugee – Poster by Ellie Wilkinson
Fight Your Cause – Pattern design by Ellie Wilkinson

Callum Cowie (Instagram) specialises in illustration for book covers and editorial and narrative design.  His work has been inspired by the human condition, technology, and politics.  His designs are bright and colourful, and made with lots of detail.  The backgrounds in his illustrations help to get the message across, for example, in the first image below, the spirally background paired with the icons and notifications in front make me feel like i’m being sucked down a vortex..

Technology Today – Editorial illustrations by Callum Cowie
Technology Today – Editorial illustrations by Callum Cowie

Renee Sheppard (Instagram) works with print and collage to create surreal and dark interpretations of stories and films.  I like the dark sketchy shading and lineart, and the stripes of blotchy colours on the mostly empty background.

Peter Pan – Collagraph by Renee Sheppard

I have one more post on the Illustration show to follow, plus a post on the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication with Typography Graduate Show at Plymouth University.  They will both be up this week so keep visiting and make sure you check out all these artists on Instagram and their own websites!  You can also see my own Instagram here.