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Minecraft LAN Day at ThinqTanq

The sign on the front door of my house

Last Saturday I attended my second Minecraft LAN Day, hosted by ThinqTanq.  ThinqTanq is a sort of shared office space where people can hire a desk or meeting room for a few hours or buy a pass to use the space regularly throughout the month.  It is bright and comfortable and friendly, and as well as desks there is also a sofa and kitchen area.  Minecraft LAN (Local Area Network) days are events where you can play Minecraft with other people all on the same server AND in the same room.  I came along because I love Minecraft and I had been before (a few months ago) and made some friends there who I was excited to see again.

I arrived at ThinqTanq and got massive hugs and greetings from my friends, then made myself a space to set up my mum’s incredibly old laptop.  I crossed my fingers and hoped it would work, which it did (the second time..)  I made sure the laptop was connected to the LAN and activated Minecraft. The sound wasn’t working!  So I had to restart Minecraft and luckily, Yay, Sound!

I joined everyone else on the server.  The world they’re playing in is survival mode, mobs on, keep inventory on.  The new player spawn point is in a stone brick arena with an entrance that opens out to a road which leads to the town built by the players.  My own spawn point is in my house in an extreme hills biome.  The house is made out of wood and stone and has a big red stained glass window overlooking a huge castle and the arena.

As I left my home, I noticed something odd.  There was definitely not a hole in the wall last time I checked..  pesky creepers!  After some repairs I finished off my wood plank flooring and placed a furnace and crafting table, as well as several chests.  I almost filled three double chests with all of my loot!  Just then in the real world, two of my friends crept up on me to surprise me.  One made a pig snort noise and the other said “quack”, completely randomly and out of nowhere, sending us all off into giggles.

I took a break from playing for a short while and we chatted about anime.  I got some recommendations of what to watch (Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and Gurren Laggan) and I gave some that I’ve really enjoyed in return (Mushi-Shi, Your Lie In April).  I stretched and got back to the hard work of Minecraft.  I found a cave with lots of iron in it, but there was a lot of zombies and skeletons too.

After a while it was time for us all to pack up.  I had a lot of laughs during my visit and got a good amount of work done in the game.  For almost the entire afternoon there were puns flying around the place, some of them funny but others weren’t that great..  I’m able to play on the server even when I’m not at ThinqTanq, so I can carry on exploring the cave and maybe even start a little farm of my own, but I do love the LAN days.  Being in the same room as other players is really enjoyable, it’s faster communicating with them and that makes the game easier to play, the whole game is more of a community event.  I absolutely plan to going to carry on going to the LAN days at ThinqTanq and I’m hoping to be able to take my brother along next time.

If you are in reachable distance of Plymouth and are interested in joining in, watch the ThinqTanq twitter or facebook accounts for event updates.

In other Minecraft (and gaming) news, please check out Luna Flower’s Youtube channel. She is a young person making Lets Play’s and covering different Minecraft mods.  Luna Flower doesn’t get distracted or mess around while playing which is good because we get to see more of the game than on typical gaming tv programmes or most other youtubers I’ve seen.