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Plymouth Art Weekender 2016 Day 2, Part 2

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The menu at Prime Cafe Bar

After a quick look around PCA we went to Prime Cafe Bar to see the Nomads exhibition  by Patrick Strode and Viktor Toth.  Patrick’s surreal illustrations felt lonely and I like how he uses colour.  In his comic page he mixed pinky-purple-orange watercolours for the background, in his other pictures on display he used just one colour for the background or made two spots of light, but everything else he left untouched.  I’d like to try this in my own drawings because his work is really striking.  I loved Viktor’s illustration of a woman in a dress wearing a headdress which looked like it was done with ballpen.  His pictures are dark and dramatic and seemed like they might be concept art for video games.  He also uses colour in confined areas, surrounded by shades of grey and black.

I had Rose Lemonade which tasted a bit like turkish delight, and a slice of banana toffee cake which was soft, squishy and delicious.  My mum had an iced mocha in a pretty glass and she says it is the best iced coffee she has had all year.  Prime Cafe Bar is a really nice space, it is comfy and there are shelves of books and games you can read and play.  We looked at a book about Japan and a Far Side book of cartoons.

A photo showing the texture of Rebecca Williams Altschmerz (work in progress)


We moved on to the Fine Art Building of PCA to the exhibition Nothing Bad Will Happen.  We were greeted by Bethany Smiles who was showing her acrylic painting set Icons.  The objects on display were really diverse but seemed very personal to the artists.  For example,  Angela Hilton gathers discarded personal materials for her work, and I’ve Measured Out My Life In Coffee Spoons is a collection of 2 years worth of her own disposable contact lenses, stacked and hung from the ceiling on a piece of invisible thread.  My favourite pieces here were two acrylic paintings (one is a work in progress) by Rebecca Williams which were so filled with texture I wanted to stroke the canvas.  I also really liked Steve Brown’s political posters which I stopped at for a long time to try and examine every detail, and Sam Turner’s installation Form Of A Cyclical Construct which uses found containers and zip ties and made me think of a huge plastic dragon.

It was time for us to travel across town to Ocean Studios at Royal William Yard, and I will write about that in Part 3..