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More patterns

This is a continuation from my blog post Pattern Design, where I went into a small amount of detail behind my intentions and reasoning for the patterns I’ve used in my posters for the YEA PAC workshops.

As the project has progressed, I have made my patterns more intricately-drawn and busy.  I think this may be because some of these workshops have intertwining elements and can branch from one specific technique, art form, or artistic job role.

From left to right, poster and meanings:

1 – Comics and Character Creation – I made two main illustrations for this. First I drew a Godzilla-like monster holding onto buildings, and second I drew a robot running away from an explosion.  I tried to make them seem as “cartoony” as possible while still staying within my style of drawing, and emphasise the connection between comics and the characters they may contain.  The smaller doodles are similar to the ones in a previous poster (Creative Writing), which still fit with the story element of comics.  Dirk Gently (Netflix) fans may recognise one of the elements I threw in there as a cheeky nod to that series.

2 – Zine Making – For this pattern, I created four different fictional zine covers.  Instead of lining them up neatly, I wanted to create the effect of zines and zinemaking equipment scattered all over a messy bedroom floor.  Some of the little circles and swirls are inspired by an illustration I did for Gurt Noodle #0, which gives examples of types of zines and what they could cover.

Below are my workshop poster designs in their final colour scheme and scale.  Photoshop lets me make colour and scale changes to my patterns really quickly, so  in the future I could use the patterns I’ve made during this project on fabric, decorative paper, sketchbook covers.. all sorts of things!

Again, you can read about my other designs in this series in my earlier post Pattern Design and you can read about how I made my patterns in Photoshop here.

Professional Work

Pattern design

Usually when I make a poster for an event I use a central image with text around it.  I wanted to do something different with my poster designs for the new YEA workshops so that they would stand out but still be recognisable as my own work.  For this project I was also able to use colour which is new for me as with my previous posters I have mostly had to keep printing costs as low as possible and that has meant working in black and white.


I decided to try using pattern design to create simple but colourful backgrounds for the new posters.  Each pattern is based on the workshop theme it is promoting.  Here from left to right are the themes:

1 Writing/Reporting on Art and Culture – For this I have used illustrations of an old style microphone alongside a notepad and pen, with small speech bubbles.

2 Mobile Photography – Here I have used illustrations of an old clamshell type phone next to polaroid style photographs and small modern mobile phones.

3 Creative Writing – In this one I have drawn bottles of ink and a dip pen alongside an old book (The NeverEnding Story! that is the Auryn on the cover) and a castle in a cloud.

I have tried to use a colour scheme that is smooth and pretty and my goal is for all six of the posters (I have three left to do) to fit together nicely as a set.  The patterns above are all in test colour schemes, the posters themselves are below.  I’m really enjoying making patterns and I think my work would look really good on retro Summer/skater dresses and skirts.  I wrote about how I made my patterns in Photoshop here.


I have also been trying different lettering styles for the titles of the workshops on the posters.  From left to right:

1 Art Writing – this is inspired by the header of The New Yorker and the tv show Stranger Things.  The New Yorker is famous for its editorial cover illustrations and the Stranger Things title is inspired by the covers of old Stephen King horror novels.

2 Mobile Photography – this style is inspired by retro-futuristic typefaces used in 60’s tv shows and films set in the future.

3 Creative Writing –  this style is inspired by curly storybook writing, I wanted to give the impression of an old fairy tale.

I used the internet and the book Hand Lettering by Thy Doan Graves for research and inspiration in lettering, but I am really looking forward to learning more about lettering in our January workshop!

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Workshop poster designs

Here are two new poster designs I have created for workshops that I have helped set up in Plymouth.  There will be six of these altogether and my plan is to design them as a set that look good together.  I wanted to do something different to my usual posters so for these I have chosen to create patterns based on the workshop topic.

If you are interested in the workshops you can find more info on the YEA Plymouth blog, and you can book places at the Plymouth Arts Centre website:

Book a place on the Art Writing workshop

Book a place on the Mobile Photography workshop