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PCA Graduate Show – Illustration

Last week I visited Plymouth College of Art’s Graduate Shows, and this post will cover some of my favourite work from PCA’s 2019 BA (Hons) Illustration graduates. Click here to read what I wrote about their Pre-Degree show.

Michael Spark

Michael Spark (@spark_plug_96) has created an interactive book named “Inner Fears: Dungeon Descent”. It follows a lone knight as they journey down a winding path through a precarious dungeon. The pages have tabs to unfold and new sections to pop out, revealing abandoned dining rooms and giant monsters. I really enjoyed the physical process of discovering the story and the three-dimensional effect of looking at characters through cut out doorways.

Michael Spark
Rose Bell

Rose Bell (@rosebelldraws) has designed characters for an original comic, Silva, drawing inspiration from plants and flowers. The colour scheme makes the sinister nature of this character clear, and I like how their leaf cloak drapes around their body, allowing the veins to provide dramatic highlights.

Rose Bell
Paige Goddard

This custom skateboard featuring a hissing cat was designed by Paige Goddard. Paige’s project centred women skateboarders, and as well as the skateboard she produced a number of illustrations which she combined into a zine. The unusual framing of this illustration around the movement of the board, rather than showing the whole character, creates an energetic and exciting image.

Paige Goddard
Jade M Eggleton

Jade M Eggleton (@nanootter) has created watercolour illustrations and felted sculptures of woodland animals. Some have been anthropomorphized with outfits in a style reminiscent of familiar characters from the early 1900s, such as Wind in the Willows and Peter Rabbit.

Jade M Eggleton
Eleanor Tolfts

Eleanor Tolfts’ children’s book, “My Fears in Rhyme”, illustrates the fears and terrors of small children. Her macabre art style fits the spine-chilling theme perfectly, and made me think of Edward Gorey’s work on The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Amy Tilsed

Amy Tilsed (@amyamyteeart) specialises in illustrating and writing comics, and had several on display including her new original comic centred around a character called Burger Boy and his fast-food themed friends. Amy has a distinctive curvy style to her illustrations which I find really charming.

Amy Tilsed
Zacky Xavier Hughes

Zacky Xavier Hughes (@zackyhughes) made a beautiful book of illustrations based on Japanese folk tales. My favourite piece was this red monochromatic image of a geisha wearing a garment featuring multiple ornamental patterns. This was used as a wraparound cover for the book making it feel really special. Zacky had also created some fascinating three-dimensional pictures created by layering precisely cut vinyl.

Zacky Xavier Hughes
Kate Coffin

Kate Coffin (@kate.coffin) specialises in cover design for young adult books. Michael Grant’s “Gone” series follows a group of young people trapped in their town and trying to survive after all the adults have disappeared, and Kate’s illustrations of crazed lettering surrounding tiny figures under a dome captures the theme and pace of the stories really well.

Jamie Woodward-Jarvis

Jamie Woodward-Jarvis has designed greetings cards based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and humorous rhymes. He has a rough but cute punky style, and his work would be great on T-shirts.

Sophie White

Sophie White’s (@illustrator_soph_) main focus in her work is body positivity. Each of these patches has been hand-printed or embroidered with simple line illustrations of the female body, and then they have been sewn together in a choppy style to make these provocative combinations.

Sophie White
Josh Beamish

Josh Beamish’s (@joshbeamishart )”Things” album art is eerie and otherworldly. I like how Josh has used blue and purple light reflecting off of this figure to give them a plasticky, synthetic appearance.

I did visit other parts of the graduate show, including graphic design, animation, game arts, and surface pattern design, and I was impressed by the diversity and originality on display. Don’t forget to read my post about the work by this year’s Extended Diploma graduates, you can also take a look back on my coverage of past local graduate shows, and check back here for more soon!

If your work is featured here and you’d like me to add or change links, let me know.





Events and Exhibitions

PCA Pre-Degree Summer Show 2019

Last week, Plymouth College of Art held it’s 2019 Graduate Show across the Tavistock Place, Palace Court and Palace Studios campuses. In this post, I’ll feature some of my favourite pieces made by this year’s Extended Diploma graduates which were on display at Palace Court. I’ve included pieces from each specialism – click on the course title for Instagram account links so you can see new work from young artists in the future!

Graphics, Illustration, and Game Arts (GIGA)

GIGA – Amy Beale

Amy Beale’s final piece is a collection of decorative space-themed playing cards. They have unusual designs, reminiscent of Tarot cards, and almost seem to glow.

kirafinalimage copy 2.jpg
GIGA – Kira Mullen

Kira Mullen has designed a number of fantasy characters, including these fighting dragons with their riders. Her sketchbook work on the project is extensive, featuring illustrations and concept sketches of around a dozen original characters, in pencil and watercolour, and a large pull-out map.

GIGA – Kira Mullen
GIGA – Jadda Alemneh

I really enjoyed these fun (and occasionally creepy) chimerical creatures designed by Jadda Alemneh. His colouring book is full of highly detailed illustrations, and he had also decorated a table for exhibition visitors to colour themselves.

GIGA – Jadda Alemneh
GIGA – Sarah Wise De Jong

Sarah Wise De Jong’s Bauhaus inspired screenprints are clean and bold. The collection comprises of three designs in primary colours that look great together, and I can imagine they would look fantastic reproduced in a really large format to celebrate the movement’s centenary.

GIGA – Sarah Wise De Jong
pandora-propsheet copy
GIGA – Kitty McEwan

I am also graduating GIGA this year, and my character concept art project reimagines Pandora (of Greek mythology) as a 1940’s Private Investigator. My design is inspired by Crime Noir, and I have included it here as I’m really proud of this piece of work. You can read about my creative process for this project on my college blog.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get clear photos of the two video games created by GIGA graduates Fearghall Thomas and George Dennis. Fearghall created a chaotic and fast-paced 3D first-person shooter where the player must use magic against axe and sword-wielding enemies. George went in a different direction, creating a timed dungeon crawler with endearing pixel art sprites. Visit the links above to see more of their work!

Film and Media Production (FAMP)

You can watch all of the films produced by this year’s FAMP graduates on their Showreel, below are my personal favourites!

FAMP – Josh Martin

Country Boys Make Do by Josh Martin is a comedy with bumbling cowboy detectives searching for a missing girl.

Star Trek: Deep Space by George Vowles is a faithful homage to the TV show, complete with uniforms, a suspicious black-and-silver clad alien, and ultra-realistic special effects.

Haywire by Erazem Martinjak is a thriller using dramatic coloured lighting to build tension. Caution – this video contains adult themes.


Photography – Emily Eakers

Emily Eakers’ claustrophobic photos are paired with interview clips of people talking about their fears. I’ve always enjoyed audio-visual installations, and in this one I found it interesting how the speakers veered between discomfort, embarrassment, and outright terror just to be speaking their fears aloud. Emily’s photos are very effective in illustrating some of these different fears, and my favourite is this terrifying picture of a figure unable to move or escape the creature behind them.

Photography – Emily Eakers
Photography – Jessica Jewitt

Jessica Jewitt combines photography and graphic design to create vibrant contemporary pop art in a bright pastel palette. The images are eyecatching and would make great cover art for a contemporary album, as a callback to the Velvet Underground’s use of Warhol’s art in the 1960s.

Photography – Scott Fearn

Scott Fearn’s photographs of LEGO models recreating everyday outdoor scenes made me think about how work can be play, and vice versa. Alongside these images, Scott displayed a full LEGO build full of detail which invited close investigation. My little sister was very inspired by Scott’s work and when she got home she immediately began building her own diorama.

IMG_4355 copy 2.JPG
Photography – Scott Fearn

Art & Design

A&D – Indra Brooks

Indra Brooks’ piece brought my attention to how surfboard production can be toxic to the environment, something that I had never considered before, as the popular image of surfing is of being “at one” with the ocean.

A&D – Indra Brooks
A&D – Toby Coulton

Toby Coulton built a miniature stage, based on his idea for a play that explores internal conflict within seemingly open and accepting communities. His work is precise and intricate – there are tiny stickers and flyers pasted onto telephone poles and scaffolding, and each floorboard seems to have been laid individually.

A&D – Toby Coulton
A&D – Amelia Molloy

This printed pattern by Amelia Molloy takes inspiration from travelling and sightseeing, and how we can form memories with others through that. Her pattern design has a minimalistic style, with simple and raw monochrome lineart, an aesthetic I really enjoy and utilise in my own work.

A&D – Amelia Molloy


Fashion – Tegan Peel

Tegan Peel’s design is inspired by children’s vulnerability to disease, specifically during the Victorian Era. I first saw these outfits as part of the Fashion Show on the opening night of the Summer Show, and the solemn backing music and stiff movements made it seem as if the models were personifications of the black plague. The models were also holding baby dolls dressed in matching outfits, which emphasised the distressing nature of the topic.

Fashion – Tegan Peel
Fashion – Summer Dawson

Summer Dawson’s photoshoot was inspired by marine conservation, and how raising awareness of these issues tends to focus on negative impact rather than using what’s positive in order to preserve beauty. Her photos are still quite unsettling, and capture the alien appearance of creatures which live in the deep ocean.

Fashion – Summer Dawson
Fashion – Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson designed a harmonious set of interior furnishings, including a bath rug and a woven cushion, inspired by the ocean. Her designs are fresh and soothing, as the blue tones work together to create a cool and calm atmosphere – just like the ocean itself.

Fashion – Katie Anderson

If your work is featured here and you’d like me to add or change links, let me know.

Events and Exhibitions, Professional Work

Zine Workshop coming up this month!


Open to all, but under 16’s should come with an adult. Learn to make a minizine or work on a more substantial project (Halloween themes encouraged!). I’ll be bringing useful DIY zinemaking equipment like pens, old magazines, glue, scissors, paper, a large paper cutter/guillotine and a booklet stapler.  I’ll also be bringing the Plymouth Zine Library collection, and books on making zines and comics.

Anyone can have a go at making a zine, you don’t need to be the world’s best artist, or photographer, or writer. If you have something you want to say or ideas you want to work through, zinemaking is an ideal way of doing it. You can make a random collage zine, a humour zine, a comic, a culture/music/film fanzine, a personal zine, a political zine, an art zine..

Come along and if you’re new to this I’ll get you started. If you’re not new, bring a project or start a new one with company and free tea and coffee!

When: Sunday 28th October 1-5pm

Cost: £2 per person towards rent and materials

Where: Union Corner, Union Street, Stonehouse, PL1 3EZ


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Events and Exhibitions

PAW18 – Plymouth College of Art

Plymouth College of Art (or PCA) is a local art college thats spans across three campuses, each with a different set of courses – Tavistock Place (Undergrad and Postgrad), Palace Studios (Foundation Diploma), and Palace Court (Pre-Degree).  PCA always has really interesting and innovative projects for Plymouth Art Weekender, and they have almost always featured their own staff and students to show off their artwork.

Palace Studios

Letterpress poster for It WILL Change

For PAW ’18, in Palace Studios there was an exhibition of work made by Foundation Art & Design students called It WILL Change!.  For this project, all the participating artists had to base their work around the theme for the exhibition – protest and activism.  They had an extremely short amount of time to produce this work as a challenge, but were allowed to submit recent artwork that did play into the theme.  I was really impressed about how well it came together and the variety of artwork.  Here are a few of my favourites:

“Our perfect world – Polluted.” A submitted piece based around pollution and garbage
A satirical project about train ticket prices and travelling to and from work


Emily Warren’s piece on “the identity of the modern woman”

There was also a long piece of paper (called a “colouring wall”) stretched out on the floor that was filled with black and white doodle drawings to colour in.  The project was intended to draw attention to how tools like colouring books are promoted as forms of therapy, but that they can’t be a substitute for professional care, which is difficult to access.

My little sister with the colouring wall

Tavistock Place

Dr. Antigoni Pasidi is a lecturer in Fine Art at PCA, and is also a visual artist herself.  Her piece, Self Made Structures, is a sculptural installation incorporating screenprinting of photography and text on tarpaulin.

Self Made Structures
Self Made Structures – photo detail
Self Made Structures – text detail

YEA ’18 visit from PCA Young Arts Club!

My group YEA Plymouth had our own event on Saturday comprising our exhibition of work by 11-19 year old artists YEA ’18, and also a workshop space with different creative activities.  I will be writing all about this later, but for now I want to say how cool it was to have this year’s PCA National Saturday Club visit our event with their tutor Kate Marshall, especially as I am an alumni of NatSatClub myself (2016-17) when Kate was my own tutor.

PCA’s National Saturday Club at the YEA ’18 exhibition

It was really good to see her new class and to think they might enjoy or be inspired by the work I am doing now with other young artists.  I hope some of them consider joining YEA and taking part in our future projects with us.

More photos from other PAW18 venues to follow!







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Plymouth Art Weekender!

This weekender is Plymouth Art Weekender 2018 – I will be covering it on this blog but I am off to a bad start as the past two days of PAW have been absolutely insane!


I’ll be writing more about the events I visited yesterday, but it’s late so for now here is a satirical piece of work from the It WILL Change! exhibition by Plymouth College of Art’s Foundation students at Palace Studios (open Fri-Sun 11-6pm)

Artwork at It WILL Change!

I intended to post a blog in the evening but I went to the Opening Night for the Atlantic Project and watched Ryoji Ikeda’s Supercodex performance which was stupendous!


I couldn’t work late on my blog after that because I was up all night (well, until 3am) working on last minute preparations for YEA ’18, the first exhibition I have ever curated myself.

Me with some of the other artists from YEA ’18

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging short updates from around the Weekender’s Sunday events, as well as posting up photos on Instagram. And then tomorrow evening I’ll be in here making a start on writing about my experiences over the whole weekend.

If you’re in Plymouth, you have one more day to take in this year’s Weekender!



Events and Exhibitions, Professional Work

I will be at the opening of The Clipper!


I will be at The Clipper this week making badges, taking commissions and most importantly talking to people about YEA Plymouth our PAW 2018 project, and about the Plymouth Zine Library and zine workshops!

The Clipper is open to the public on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July from 12-6pm, and Saturday will be a Community Open Day with food, music and activities. Come down and see what is going on and have a chat to me at 65 Union Street, Stonehouse PL1 3LU!

P.S. My poster was inspired by a detail in an amazing mural in The Clipper and the sign in the window:

Clipper mural, the inside of the building was still being worked on in this photo
The woman in the mural who inspired my poster
Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 16.53.50.png
Photo of The Clipper before it was repainted from here, you can see the sign which inspired me in the top window